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All about Me!

Benny James

I'm Benny, a composer, actor, and writer currently based near the Twin Cities, MN!

At the current moment of you reading this, I'm a senior at St. Olaf College majoring in Film Writing: Script and Score.

It's a fun little major I made myself to help me focus on scoring for film, screenwriting, and making musicals! Keep on scrolling below to see previews of my work, and look at the menus above for various pages.

Check out all my social media links up top as well!

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Podcasts, Albums, and More

I currently work at a composer for several podcasts, both independently and as the Head Composer for the Goose Thunder Podcasting Network. I've also voice acted and written for a handful of podcasts.

While podcasts take up a chunk of my professional credits, I've also composed for two short films and a video game, all of which can be found under the "Projects and Credits" drop down menu.


I produce my own albums of music, including my first album release "Brand New," which was released in December of 2018. The whole album can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. My next album "The Moon" will be released at a later date.


My current rates are $15 per minute of music, with tracks 1 minute or shorter for $10. Transition pieces are worth $5!

Please contact me by email ( for business inquiries,

and further contact can be made via Discord, Text, etc.

Podcasts, Video Games, Film, and Everything In Between!

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